High capacity lithium battery- abuot

● High energy density, high and stable working voltage and current

● Wide operating temperature (- 55 ℃ - + 85 ℃)

● Excellent low self discharge rate (average self discharge rate is less than 2% in + 20 ℃ temperature environment)

● Excellent environmental application characteristics

● Stainless steel case - glass hermetic package (low magnetism, anti environmental corrosion)

● Excellent safety

● Meet the technical requirements of gb8897.4-2008

● It meets the technical requirements of iec60086.4:2014

● Passed UL parts test certification (mh45919)

● It meets ROHS environmental requirements and is easy to recycle

● Positive electrode structure with independent patent technology

● Non combustible electrolyte

● High short circuit safety

High capacity lithium battery- details

Main applications: 

Utility meters, alarm and safety equipment, memory storage backup equipment, radio frequency RFID, automotive electronics, real-time clock, marine survey equipment, oil mining equipment


1. Don't short circuit the battery 2. Don't charge the battery 3. Don't prick the battery 4. Don't squeeze the battery 5. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery and use 6. Whether the electrical equipment is connected correctly 7. Do not disassemble the battery 8. Do not burn the battery 9. Do not mix the old and new batteries 10. Do not heat the battery to 100 ℃ or above 11. Do not directly weld the battery 12. Do not deform or modify the battery

Document download:

ER34615T ER26500T ER18505T ER14505T ER14335T ER14250T ER18650T ER17505T ER17335T ER261020 ER341245 ER10450 ER10250

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